Corporate Foundation


Corporate Foundation


Sitemax Group is committed to helping our clients succeed. Throughout our divisions we will provide this value by constantly delivering innovative products that will improve the appearance, reduce risk, and minimise the environmental impact of construction work.


We will take the expertise of Sitemax to every construction and maintenance site in Australia.

Core principles and Values

The Sitemax team are here for the job, this involves being committed to
  • Continuously improve
A Relentless pursuit of excellence; individually and as a team. We try harder than last time – Every time.
  • Exceed our promises
Go beyond the extra mile.
  • Be Honest
We tell you the truth.  Always! Even if you may not enjoy hearing it. 
  • Synergy
We believe in working together to leverage Win/Win results.
  • Provide a Positive impact to the environment
Sustainable, safer, cleaner, happier – Our Customers: happier; Our Team: safer;  Suppliers, Our Future: Sustainable. SITEMAX, when you need to succeed.