Sitemax environmental and safety containment products are engineered to make site containment as quick, simple and easy as possible.

We understand containment, the rigour of abrasive blasting, the stress of dealing with harmful dust such as lead or asbestos, and the uncertainty of our weather.

There are many applications for containment products today, such as:

  • Weather protection
  • Sediment or silt control
  • Protection of our atmosphere
  • Protection of our waterways
  • Protection of workers or public below from falling objects
  • Public control barriers
  • Visual barriers
  • Site perimeter demarcation
  • Demarcation of no go zones
  • Providing acoustic barriers

Throughout Australia and the globe, our products are in use both onshore and offshore protecting our atmosphere and our waterways from the impact of construction and maintenance work.

At Sitemax We Make It easy

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