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Why Flame Retardant?

Did you know most scaffolding containment and encapsulation products are made of plastic such as polyethylene that will melt and burn when subjected to heat?

The Many Commercial Uses of Flame Retardant Shadecloth

To understand the various uses of Flame Retardant (FR) Shadecloth, it is important to first understand what Shadecloth is. Shadecloth is a woven or knitted fabric made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Shadecloth is defined by the Australian/New Zealand Standard as a type of containment sheeting used for both safety and environmental purposes (AS4576:1995 Guidelines for Scaffolding). It’s main use is to contain dust & debris, protect workers and the public via separation, a...

Sitemax Embrace Water-Based HP Latex Ink Technology and the Environment

Over the years, printer companies have relied on solvent and eco-solvent inks for wide-format printing. When Hewlett Packard (HP) released a new multifunction printer that uses water-based latex ink, Sitemax was quick to become a HP partner. HP Latex Ink technology and its associated environmental benefits align closely with Sitemax’s core belief of “Providing a Positive Impact on the Environment”.

Think outside the box with branded construction site advertising

Use a diverse range of signage products to make your brand stand out. Branded signage will create a professional look for your business and help promote your current projects. The ability for a business to access consistent exposure from otherwise overlooked advertising space can generate new clients and is a simple solution to lift brand recognition. There are a wide range of signage solutions available, which provide both strong branding presence and eye catching project solutions...

Flame Retardant Containment Mesh for Scaffolding applications

In February 2018 a fire broke out at a waterfront building site in Sydney’s CBD which was under demolition. The blaze quickly spread across the exterior scaffolding structure with the containment mesh well alight in a short period of time. A construction site’s scaffolding system is typically erected to support working at height activities of the workers and help expediate the building’s construction. The containment mesh fixed to the scaffolding serves as a safety and environmental...

Bannermesh Utilised By High Risk Solutions

Our partner High Risk Solutions – a scaffolding company in Rockhampton, Central Queensland – recognises the importance of utilising Bannermesh on their site, to increase their brand awareness and engage new customers. Sitemax’s Bannermesh was selected as the optimal branding solution to promote their business. Given the simplicity of the product and the ease of installation, the most challenging aspect of this concept was deciding on how big to make the High Risk Solutions logo! Ban...

Sitemax Fire Training in Queensland

Recently, Sitemax’s Gympie team successfully completed fire training at our Production facilities. The day was led by Wayne Fuwtrell at Cooloola Fire Protection, where he put our production and office staff through a hands on fire education course. The safety of our staff is always our first priority in the event of any potential fires. However, due to the complexity of our manufacturing and printing equipment, it’s essential that our team are capable of reducing the impact of a fir...

Build your business’s brand using banners

Branded banners have greater advertising potential than they are given credit for. With the right design & artwork, they have the ability to deliver a strong message to the public or attract new clients to your company. Sitemax have put together some tips to show how branded banners can grow sales and Brand recognition.

Danger Signs

These have ‘Danger’ written in white letters inside a red oval on a black background. These signs are used to warn people of life threatening hazards or hazardous conditions. You can also prevent unauthorised persons from entering the worksite by erecting a ‘Keep Out’ sign. For example:

Allura Homes

Our partner home builder Allura Homes in Sydney recognises the importance of utilising Bannermesh at development sites to increase brand awareness and engage customers. Bannermesh is a branding solution visible to passing traffic whether pedestrian or vehicle. It allows a prospective client to identify the brand, promote the development, all whilst concealing the work site.

Signage for Events & Festivals

Festivals & other similar events provide a wonderful opportunity for sponsors to promote their brand and for organisers to share important messages and support the sponsors. Tens of thousands of people attend events & festivals that cover music, lifestyle & community. They are generally directed by fencing & crowd control barriers in a fairly confined space. These locations are prime advertising space, and businesses should take advantage of these to promote their br...

Safe Scaffolding Is Everyone’s Business

Working at height is a requirement for many workers across different trades, and they need to be confident they can do so safely. Under workplace health and safety laws, those erecting scaffolding hold significant responsibilities. Safe scaffolding is everyone’s business. Workers are expected to carry out their duties under their employers’ systems and follow manufacturer’s recommendations.

Getting The Right Sign In The Right Place

On construction sites throughout Australia, it’s imperative a building contractor ensures safety signs are installed for the protection of workers, passers-by & visitors. Identifying potential hazards on site before you start is key. Placing the right sign in the right place to mitigate potential risks is paramount. Site signage is an effective control measure. When employed correctly it helps control & minimise the risks associated with hazardous areas, chemicals or noise. ...

Safety Signs at Your Building Site: It’s the Law!

Displaying adequate signage at your building site before any construction work begins will help you avoid non-compliance, minimise safety issues and prevent potential fines. There’s no point risking it with substandard signage when the consequences can be so severe if an accident occurs on site – it’s the law!

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