Danger Signs

These have ‘Danger’ written in white letters inside a red oval on a black background. These signs are used to warn people of life threatening hazards or hazardous conditions. You can also prevent unauthorised persons from entering the worksite by erecting a ‘Keep Out’ sign. For example:


  • Danger: Asbestos cancer and lung disease hazard – Authorised personnel only
  • Danger: Asbestos removal work in progress – Authorised personnel only
  • Danger: Construction site – Do not enter – Authorised personnel only
  • Danger: Demolition in progress
  • Danger: Do not proceed beyond this point
  • Danger: Excavation work in progress
  • Danger: Keep clear – Explosive powered tool in use
  • Danger: Keep clear – Overhead work in progress
  • Danger: Keep out – No access
  • Danger: Scaffolding incomplete
  • Danger: Swimming pool under construction – Keep children out


All the signs mentioned above are available in a standard size of 600mm x 450mm.


If you fail to comply with construction site safety signage regulations, you may face hefty and unnecessary fines. So don’t forget to put up safety signage before you begin any building work, because the signage will ensure your site meets health and safety standards.


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