Site Hoarding Signage: The benefit on your construction site

What is Site Hoarding Signage and its benefit on site:

A hoarding is a fencing system that is used to encase a construction site while construction work takes place. They are usually a temporary stable fence made of either metal (or metal composite panels) and timber. They are put up around the work site with various vehicle and worker entrance points. Construction hoardings are quite recognisable and they are often used in very public areas. These areas include construction sites, shopping centres and events/festivals where the hoardings are used for crowd control. Their primary function is to keep a site secure, protecting pedestrians from gaining access to areas that could pose a health and safety risk.  

Hoarding Banners are a great way to advertise your construction company while your team completes the work onsite. Hoarding banners can be used as a cost effective way to advertise a brand on small or large project developments. These eye catching banners are often located in high traffic areas of the construction site, creating maximum exposure for the development and the company. They present a temporary yet effective advertising opportunity, while maintaining privacy on the work site. Having your design printed on fencing or wall banners will bring major interest to your project and your brand, where the hoardings are clearly visible up close to pedestrian traffic.

There are many types of site hoarding signage. They can range from a single wall banner, all the way to a large construction hoarding banner, running hundreds of metres around the perimeter of the site. A solid vinyl banner will help make your logo and project message stand out on your site, (When banners are fixed off to a structural hoarding on a clean, flat surface to attach your branding to) giving your brand maximum exposureAnti-graffiti coating is important, as it will help to minimise damage to your brand from vandals and graffiti artists.

Sitemax supply strong and durable banner material for site hoardings. We offer a complete hoarding solution, from concept to supply and installation of your banners for the entire length of your project. By utilising our installation team all across Australia, we can install your banners at the start of a project and remove your banners upon completion of the project. Should you wish to change your marketing message mid-way through the project, we can assist with replacing the banners with a new design. Don’t miss the opportunity to advertise your brand, and draw attention to your project. Contact the Sitemax Sales Team today. At Sitemax, we make it easy.

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