Sitemax Embrace Water-Based HP Latex Ink Technology and the Environment

Over the years, printer companies have relied on solvent and eco-solvent inks for wide-format printing. When Hewlett Packard (HP) released a new multifunction printer that uses water-based latex ink, Sitemax was quick to become a HP partner. HP Latex Ink technology and its associated environmental benefits align closely with Sitemax’s core belief of “Providing a Positive Impact on the Environment”.

As one of the most sustainable companies in the world, HP continues to lead the way as an environmental advocate. They create various consumer awareness initiatives that magnify the benefits of using latex ink in the preservation of our ecosystem.

Sitemax investigated HP’s claims of environmental benefits thoroughly before committing to such a large investment. Sitemax are positively impacting the environment, so why not contact us today to find out how to reduce the impact of your worksite.


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