Bannermesh Utilised By High Risk Solutions

Our partner High Risk Solutions – a scaffolding company in Rockhampton, Central Queensland – recognises the importance of utilising Bannermesh on their site, to increase their brand awareness and engage new customers. Sitemax’s Bannermesh was selected as the optimal branding solution to promote their business. Given the simplicity of the product and the ease of installation, the most challenging aspect of this concept was deciding on how big to make the High Risk Solutions logo! Bannermesh allows prospective clients to easily promote their brand. When used in conjunction with the correct messaging, a business can identify with a project location, all whilst concealing the work site. When attached to safety fencing systems on site, Bannermesh builds an aesthetically appealing and fresh image for your development or office. It does an excellent job of directing significant interest to your projects or business, which leads to greater brand recognition and an increase in sales enquires. High Risk Solutions have seen great results from Bannermesh, see what it can do for your business today!

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