Think outside the box with branded construction site advertising

Use a diverse range of signage products to make your brand stand out. Branded signage will create a professional look for your business and help promote your current projects. The ability for a business to access consistent exposure from otherwise overlooked advertising space can generate new clients and is a simple solution to lift brand recognition. There are a wide range of signage solutions available, which provide both strong branding presence and eye catching project solutions: building wraps, fencing banner mesh, WPH&S signage and vinyl hoarding are the “go to” options across the industry. However, given the need for projects to stand out from the crowd, light boxes, window graphics, lenticular signage, 3D lettering & imagery and large format banners are some of the newer solutions pushing the boundaries of development branding. Be bold and creative with the imagery and message on your project to gain better recognition and cut through in the marketplace. Ask Sitemax how.

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