Signage for Events & Festivals

Festivals & other similar events provide a wonderful opportunity for sponsors to promote their brand and for organisers to share important messages and support the sponsors. Tens of thousands of people attend events & festivals that cover music, lifestyle & community. They are generally directed by fencing & crowd control barriers in a fairly confined space. These locations are prime advertising space, and businesses should take advantage of these to promote their brand. At Sitemax, we work with sponsors & organisers to visualise their ad ideas, brands, concepts & messages to capture their marketing potential. The size of the festival audience, as well as the common interests among attendees, is a key reason why banner & fencing ads are such a spectacular branding opportunity for sponsors & organisers. With Sitemax, we help you spice up and personalize the event with creatively designed banners. Timing is critical when it comes to events, and it’s important to have your banners & fencing ads in the right place at the right time. Sitemax prints all building wraps, fencing wraps & banners in house, so our ability to service your upcoming event needs are industry leading. Let Sitemax help you advertise at your next event.

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