Getting The Right Sign In The Right Place

On construction sites throughout Australia, it’s imperative a building contractor ensures safety signs are installed for the protection of workers, passers-by & visitors. Identifying potential hazards on site before you start is key. Placing the right sign in the right place to mitigate potential risks is paramount. Site signage is an effective control measure. When employed correctly it helps control & minimise the risks associated with hazardous areas, chemicals or noise. There are different categories of construction safety signs: Danger Warning Mandatory Prohibition Emergency Fire signs Hazchem Notice Personalised Signs Site Entry signs All signs are available in a range of standard sizes & substrates to suit different viewing distances & applications. The most common construction sign – with the exception of the multi-sign – is a 600mm x 450mm core-flute. Safety signs save lives. Their installation is a priority task when setting up any construction site. Ensure you review them on a regular basis making sure they identify the current risks of the site. If you fail to comply with construction site safety signage regulations, you may face hefty & unnecessary fines. Ask us how we can help you with a suitable solution for your on-site requirements.

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