Sitemax discussion: on-site safety

The safety of your workers should be paramount & on-site safety cannot be an afterthought for you & your construction business.

Here are 4 simple ways of improving your on-site safety:

1. Employ Only The Best
Hiring is a complicated process when you are trying to find quality workers because some people are more prone to risk than others. Before you hire, it’s essential to carefully screen them; enquire about their skillset, experience & accreditation.

2. Train, Train, Train Your Staff
Training is a key factor in ensuring safety on-site. Make sure your future workers are trained in accordance with industry & safety standards that are up to date, & bring in a consultant or send workers to training sessions if necessary.

3. Set The Safety Standard
It is important to ensure that standard emphasises safety measures & set an example for others to follow. The same works for praise – make sure you praise workers who care about safety.

4. Planning & Communication
Prepare for the worst by having a strong contingency plan for anything unexpected. Make sure you set up an inspection & test plan which sets out what needs to be checked during your project. There’s no point in having safety measures if not cascaded effectively & communicated clearly.


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