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We recognise the importance of maintaining your brand image onsite. You can’t afford to have your signage representing poor quality or low standards on site. 


There are a few things you can do to ensure this doesn't happen on your site. 


Always use the right cable ties and put one through every eyelet. 

This may be self-explanatory, however; it is very important. Not securing one of the eyelets will increase the load on other eyelets and ties in a high-wind situation. 


How to choose the right cable tie?  

Sitemax suggests our 9mm wide Heavy Duty UV resistant cable ties for high wind areas. For most areas, our 7.6mm wide Heavy Duty UV resistant cable ties will be the best option. 

This is what can happen when you don’t use the right cable ties: 



Choose the right type of mesh for your location. 

Sitemax’s bannermesh range has what it takes to capitalise on the branding opportunities that exist on your worksite, development or event. Whether your project is short term or large scale, whether image quality or air permeability is the focus or flame retardancy is a requirement, keep your brand in sight on-site with Sitemax’s bannermesh range. 


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Ensure fence is correctly braced. 

When installing bannermesh to a temporary fence it is crucial that the temporary fence company is aware of the type of bannermesh that is going to be supplied. 

This ensures that the fencing installers can brace the fence panels sufficiently. Sitemax has all the necessary data sheets for each of the mesh products, please get in touch! 



Please contact our Customer Happiness Team to discuss your next branding opportunity! 

[email protected] | 1800 007 557. 

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