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The Sitemax Group is committed to helping our clients succeed. Throughout our divisions, we will provide this value by constantly delivering innovative products that will improve the appearance, reduce risk, and minimise the environmental impact of the Construction Industry.


We will take the expertise of Sitemax to every construction and maintenance site in Australia.

Core Values

Sitemax ValueIcon ContImprovement
Continuously Improve

A Relentless pursuit of excellence; individually and as a team. We try harder than last time – Every time.

Sitemax ValueIcon Exceed Promises
Exceed our Promises

Go beyond the extra mile.

Sitemax ValueIcon BeHonest
Be Honest

We tell you the truth.  Always! Even if we don’t feel like it.

Sitemax ValueIcon Synergy

We believe in working together to leverage Win/Win results.

Sitemax ValueIcon Environment
Provide a Positive Impact to the Environment

Safer, cleaner, happier – Us, Our clients and the future.


Sitemax Brand Promise

When you choose to work with Sitemax:

We will deliver on our promises

When you place an order, you can rest assured it will be delivered in full, on time & within specification. We will always Be Honest and realistic about production lead times and deliveries. Through a strong customer service focus, Sitemax proudly step up to the challenge of Exceeding Our Promises with each and every order.

We will provide better solutions

Sitemax are driven to Continually Improve our business across our client offering. We believe that production efficiencies, product development and supply channel improvements lead to better outcomes for our customers. When combined with cutting edge systems that Reduce our Impact on the Environment, and continually realign with best practice sales and operations activities, Sitemax clients can be confident that our product solutions are tailored specifically to your project needs.

We will make it easy

From the initial inquiry through to project delivery, Sitemax see each customer and supplier interaction as an opportunity to deliver a Win/Win result. Through our company's ability to create customer Synergy, we are able to communicate efficiently with the customer, unpacking & understanding what is actually required to deliver a successful project. As a result, our clients can be confident that we seek every opportunity to deliver a better outcome for the end user.