Bannermesh – Available Medias



Sitemax’s Select Mesh is a high quality, perforated media, specifically designed for digital printing. Select Mesh allows you to display full colour graphics and photos at a low cost. Whether you use it to display your company logo or showcase completed projects, Sitemax’s Select Mesh is the premium solution to your construction site signage needs and is a high impact advertising opportunity. At Sitemax, we make it easy.


Sitemax’s Maxflow Mesh has been specifically designed to replace digitally printed Shadecloth for fences and structures where wind load is a significant issue. Sitemax’s Maxflow minimises wind loads while providing a much higher image quality than Shadecloth, which makes it a great option for showcasing your brand in high wind areas. At Sitemax, we make it easy.


Sitemax’s Branded Siteclad is the best on the market due to its superior performance and lifespan. Branded Siteclad is designed to handle tough conditions by reducing wind-loading effects. If your project is long term you can rely on Branded Siteclad to outlast anything else on the market – it is guaranteed not to fade, crumble or discolour for 5 years plus. Branded Siteclad is available in a range of Shadecloth colours to ensure your company is consistently branded with its corporate colours. At Sitemax, we make it easy.


Sitemax’s Printed Shadecloth is an alternative option for full colour graphics and logos without going to digitally printed banner materials. It is a low-cost option and is useful for short projects of 12 months or less. Sitemax’s Printed Shadecloth will appear to have a lower image contrast due to the coarse weave of the cloth however this reduces its wind loading effects. At Sitemax, we make it easy.