Sitemax Employee of the Month – Ray Webb


We are excited to announce that the Sitemax employee of the month for October 2017 is Ray Webb!

Ray’s has delivered a number of process improvements in our production facility over the last month. These improvements were widely recognised by our operations and in line with the spirit of LEAN manufacturing principles.

Ray Webb is an employee who embodies the core values of Sitemax. His recent efforts align with our businesses values of Synergy and to Continuously Improve

1. Ray’s improvements have created the changes our business requires to maximise manufacturing efficiencies which in turn improves production output.

2. Ray’s foresight for these potential improvements ultimately allows Sitemax to deliver product to our customer base faster and stay one step ahead of our competition.

Congratulations Ray! The Sitemax Team thank you for your ongoing efforts to improve our business day by day.