Sitemax Employee of the Month – Steve Yeo


We are excited to announce that the Sitemax employee of the month for August 2017 is Steve Yeo!

During recent customer visits it was apparent that Steve’s commitment to customer service far exceeded expectations. A number of key clients have branded him with the honorary title of “#1 Account Manager”. One customer even suggested that Steve should hold account management training so that other account managers will be inspired to emulate his outstanding performance(!)

Steve Yeo is a shining example of an employee who embodies the core values of Sitemax. His recent efforts capture our efforts to deliver Synergy and Exceed Promises

1. Steve is a great team player. Through combined efforts and cooperation with team members, Sitemax is able to provide a very high quality of service to customers. The symbiosis of our team approach is orders of magnitude greater than the addition of what we each contribute individually.

2. Steve surpassing customer expectations by putting in the hard yards and going the extra mile to make sure Sitemax service is second to none.

Congratulations Steve! Keep up the awesome job.