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Scaffmesh is the most cost-effective debris containment and safety mesh. Being the original scaffold containment solution, Scaffmesh is completely compliant with all safety requirements.*

The mesh has steel 50mm diamond shaped chain wire with standard scaffold grade shade cloth pre-attached to save you time when installing the product. Sitemax can supply Scaffmesh with any of our range of shadecloth colors and grades pre-attached to tie in with your company's colours or make your upcoming project stand out from the crowd. What makes this system unique is Sitemax's ability to offer a custom printed option which allows either the client or installer to brand the product or advertise the project.

The standard size is 1.8m high, however, Sitemax have the capability to custom manufacture in other sizes & lengths. Should your next project require something unique, please don't hesitate to contact the Sitemax Sales Team on 1800 007 557.

*Please Note: Sizing & Grade requirement may differ by State. Please refer to your local regulator.

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