Steel & Timber Scaffolding Boards & Planks

Steel & Timber Scaffolding Boards & Planks
Sitemax have a select range of Steel & Timber boards and planks available to suit your next scaffolding project, or to top up stock levels.

Sitemax's steel boards are available in standard increments from 0.7m up to 2.4m long. Our quality steel planks are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with Australian standards.

Timber lap boards vary in size from 1.2m through 6.0m long. Along with our quality steel planks, our timber planks are one of the highest quality timber scaffold planks available in Australia.

Sitemax timber planks represent the best value on the market. Sitemax have undergone an extensive weather testing process, to select the highest quality supplier of our timber planks. Our timber mill partners manufacture planks which are designed to suit Australian weather conditions and the environment we operate in. Although Sitemax planks may be perceived to be dearer than products sourced elsewhere, through our research we are confident the Sitemax products will outlast inferior products by 2:1.

Steel & Timber Scaffolding Boards & Planks Products