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Hoarding & Gantry Signage

Hoarding & Gantry Signage
Every Construction site hoarding presents a prime advertising opportunity for your company. Solid Vinyl banner will project your logo as well as Project messages onto your site hoarding. This strong and durable banner material will be applied to the hoarding for maximum exposure. As hoardings are clearly visible up close to pedestrian traffic, you will get the greatest impact for your advertising investment.

Sitemax offers a complete hoarding solution from concept to supply and installation of your banners for the entire length of your project. By utilising our install teams across Australia, we offer our services to install your banners at the start of a project, remove your banners upon completion of the project, and should you wish to change your marketing message mid-way through the project, we can assist with replacing the banners with a new design.

At Sitemax, we make it easy.

Sitemax recommend you include anti-graffiti coating to minimise damage to your brand from vandals and graffiti artists.