Who We Help


Sitemax’s 3 Pillars of Scaffolding, Containment & Signage form the basis of our offering.

However, our capabilities extend above and beyond to service the needs of our current and prospective clients.

In general terms, we exist to service the professional scaffolding contractor, builder, developer and industrial maintenance companies. However, these categories are only a small portion of who in the construction industry we can help.

From the individual that runs every aspect of their respective business through to construction professionals and procurement experts who form the basis of a larger operation, Sitemax are available to provide the right product solution in an efficient and effective manner.

In the digital age, brand awareness and market presence is key in differentiating your business and project from the crowd. Having a partner that:

1. Understands how important brand style and consistency is in delivering your message
2. Has the capability of inhouse design and production
3. Knows what is required to facilitate concept through to reality

All these mean, rest assured that Sitemax will deliver what we promise and make it easy for you, our customer.