Site Safety

Site Safety
At Sitemax, we understand that there are dangers in the Scaffolding industry. We are a proud supplier of a large range of scaffold safety products to help protect you and your workers from harm. Any design, any material, any size, Sitemax has the capacity to manufacture any and every safety sign you need.

Having issues with onsite theft? Don't underestimate the value of adding your company logo to the bottom of all your safety signs. Sitemax offers this service FREE OF CHARGE* Contact us today to put your order in.

Sitemax also supply site safety products such as "Protector covers" for scaffold tube and fittings, "Scaff -foam and padding" to cover all those sharp objects onsite and much more. We aim to help keep you and your workers safe on site.

With Sitemax's Scaffold Equipment tagging systems, you will have all you need to inspect your scaffolding and other height-reach equipment (such as ladders), to improve the safety of you and your workers onsite. Be sure to display all critical inspection data by utilising our scaffold inspection inserts and holders. We are proud to assist you in preventing hazards while working at heights by providing the best inspection equipment. Sitemax also supply tool lanyard systems to reduce risk of falling objects, to check out what we offer, click here.

*All orders over 20 signs of the same design with no More than 3 revisions of each design.*