Sitemax is Enviro Friendly – Saving the Earth! How we help!

It has become a big part of our lives. It is a conversation that we are all having! What are we talking about? The Environment.

Here at Sitemax one of our five core values surrounds providing a positive impact to the environment.

Provide a Positive Impact on the Environment

At Sitemax we are driven to continually improve and every day we are exploring new ways to become cleaner and reduce our impact on the environment.

With this in mind, Sitemax joined the HP Planet Partners Program in May this year. Read more about the program here.

Sitemax is now a champion of the circular economy, helping HP and Close the Loop to collect and recover valuable resources that can be used in new products and eliminate printer cartridges from landfill.

With a current total of 4 wide format HP printers, it is critical we do whatever we can to do our part to save the environment.

We have a collection bin here at our factory which we put any imaging consumables from ANY of our latex printers, inkjet printers and photocopiers in this box. When it is full HP come collect this box and they ensure that products and materials are re-purposed.

Next time you purchase from Sitemax you can be assured you too are doing your bit towards helping reduce the impact on the environment by using a supplier that has taken steps to recycle waste!

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