Siteclad Quad Net 

Siteclad™ Quad Net


Siteclad Quad Net is the optimal safety containment solution for high-wind areas, demonstrating superiority over competing composite mesh products by achieving a notable 55% reduction in wind loading (1). Its exceptional performance enhances safety and stability on construction sites facing challenging wind conditions.

(1) Sun, J, Georgiou, P & Al-Khalidy, N, 2019a, ‘Scaffold mesh - wind rating, Spidermesh Quad Net Lining (SQN2)’, SLR Consulting Australia Pty Ltd, v1.0, Ref. 610.18290‐R02 SQN2, pp.1-11.

Manufactured from a UV stabilised high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Siteclad Quad Net is a FlameX fire retardant containment mesh that boasts a fire index rating of 1 and complies with AS1530.2 and AS1576.7 Australian Standards.

Siteclad Quad Net features 9mm apertures that allow for greater wind-flow by producing a cumulative open space that is six times greater than rigid panels and two time greater than other composite mesh products. Reduced wind-loads can lessen the number of wall ties and raker ties required when securing Siteclad Quad Net to scaffolding structures, improving cost-effectiveness and resource allocation on projects.

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Siteclad Quad Net is a powerful containment solution that delivers unsurpassed performance in windy conditions. Contact our team to develop a containment plan for your next project today.

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