Shrinkclad Shrink Wrap 

Shrinkclad™ Shrink Wrap


Shrinkclad Shrink Wrap is a polymer plastic and UV stabilised film that shrinks under heat to create a tight fit and seamless finish on scaffolding structures. Suitable for use as an effective packaging wrap, Shrinkclad has FlameX fire retardant options and complies with Australian safety standards, including AS1576.7 and AS1530.2.

Custom Lengths

Shrinkclad comes in a variety of sizes and can be customised to suit project requirements and can be dispatched the following business day - no minimum order quantity needed!

Jumbo Roll Dispenser

Make unrolling and re-rolling jumbo Shrinkclad rolls easy with our made-to-order jumbo roll dispenser.

FlameX Fire Retardant

Shrinkclad Shrink Wrap has FlameX fire retardant options that comply with all Australian safety standards, including AS1576.7 and AS1530.2.

Shrinkclad Shrink Wrap Jumbo Roll Dispenser

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